About the OHNDA

The Ohio Naturopatihic Doctors Association (OHNDA), formerly The Ohio Chapter of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OCAANP), is the first and only naturopathic organization in Ohio requiring all members to be naturopathic physicians who have graduated from accredited 4-year naturopathic medical colleges, who have passed national (NPLEX) board exams, and who all must carry a license from states who currently license naturopathic physicians. In fact, checking whether a naturopathic physician is an OHNDA member is the easiest way to insure a Naturopathic Physician is properly qualified to practice modern naturopathic medicine. 

Our Mission

The mission of the OHNDA is to bring modern naturopathic medicine to Ohio. This is being done in many ways. First we are committed to educating the public and other health care practitioners. We strive to answer the question of, "what is a naturopathic physician" by bringing clear and accurate information on our educational background, clinical training, and current standards of practice. We also educate whenever possible by bringing light to the latest research of evidence-based low or non-invasive therapies.

Next we serve as a network for naturopathic physicians coming to Ohio who need to know where to find their colleagues. This helps all of us continue to learn from each other as well as know who to refer patients who are moving to other areas or may need someone with particular experience that would best serve that patient.

The OHNDA also works toward licensure and increased public access to Naturopathic Medicine by taking an active role in Ohio's political process. We will continue to lobby and involve ourselves in this work until all Ohioans have equal access to naturopathic medicine.

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