About the OHNDA
The Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association (OHNDA) is the first and only naturopathic organization in Ohio requiring all members to be naturopathic doctors who have graduated from accredited 4-year naturopathic medical colleges, who have passed national (NPLEX) board exams, and who all must carry a license from states who currently license naturopathic doctors.  

Our Mission
To represent and promote Ohio naturopathic doctors. 

Our Vision
In 5 years, we seek a health care system that embraces the expertise of licensed naturopathic doctors allowing full access to safe and comprehensive naturopathic healthcare for the residents of Ohio.

Our Goals
    To promote public safety and professional accountability by pursuing regulation of, and high standards for, the profession of naturopathic medicine in Ohio.
•    To establish licensure for qualified naturopathic doctors as independent primary care physicians who specialize in natural medicine and preventive health care.
    To cultivate an environment in which naturopathic medicine is widely recognized, supported, and accessible in the State of Ohio.
    To promote the success of naturopathic doctors and the naturopathic profession in Ohio through education, public awareness, advocacy, and community involvement
    To partner with other medical groups and health care interests to bring safe and effective health care to the citizens of Ohio.